The Blackout @ Merthyr Rock (5/9/2011)

by kiiirstyyy

Held at the heart of Merthyr Tydfil in Cyfarthfa Park, Merthyr Rock is a brand new festival for 2011. It’s holding host to a range of bands from established legends Funeral For A Friend to up and coming pop punk stars Save Your Breath. Regardless of who else is playing today, it is obvious that this festival belongs to local lads and headliners The Blackout. The crowd have high expectations for this bands set and they’re not left disappointed. From the get go the band have the whole audience hooked. From mass sing alongs of ‘woahs’ and ‘ohs’ to successfully getting everyone down on their knees half way through ‘Save ourselves’, it is obvious that tonight this crowd are at the mercy of The Blackout..and they love every minute of it.  The band is very obviously in a state of euphoria as they take to the stage. Last time they played their hometown they were told that nothing would ever come of  their band, yet here they are today sending thousands of kids into a frenzy as they belt out some of their greatest songs to date. Regardless of this obvious success, the band don’t let it get to their heads and still put on a rock show this audience will never forget.  It has to be said that The Blackout are well and truly made for live shows and tonight is no exception. From start to finish the band play with an infectious energy that presents itself throughout the whole band. Lead singers, Sean Smith and Gavin Butler are the perfect ring leaders and play off of each other in perfect sync as they engage the crowd in banter and inspiring speeches. As the bands set comes to an end, the crowd are left literally begging for more as they call for an encore that never comes. After a performance like that the headliners of Merthyr Rock 2012 have a hell of a lot to live up to.