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Where’s your respect?

On October 3rd, Bring Me The Horizon played a show in Salt Lake City that ended in madness when the stage was stormed by people who were at the gig simply to cause trouble. After witnessing people stamp on the head of a kid in the crowd lead singer Oli Sykes stopped the show and told the kids to leave the gig before lightening the mood with a bit of banter only to be attacked on stage by one of the crowd. A person  jumped the stage and swung for Sykes before the bands crew took him down. Other members of the crowd joined in with the attack before security got things under control.

Now, if this had happened in the streets the kids who’d taken out the attack would have been arrested and even convicted for a number of offenses. Why is it then, when something like this happens at a gig, the kids are just thrown out of the venue and everything is forgotten? Why don’t security hand them over to the police? I mean physically attacking band members and other people in the crowd is GBH, right? Starting trouble and being offensive is deemed public disturbance in eyes of the law, isn’t it? The law is there for a reason, to keep people safe and stop people getting away with the crimes they commit. Why should it be any different inside a live music venue?

I understand that securities main aim is to keep things under control and getting the perpetrators out of the building is probably the quickest and easiest way to sort things out but kicking them straight out of the building means they can walk away without any consequences. Surely, they’ll just come back and do it again with the knowledge that they won’t actually get into trouble?

This isn’t the first time something like this has happened this year. Back in April, The Blackout were caught up in similar trouble when a bunch of kids snuck into one of their gigs and started to attack people in the middle of the crowd as well as throw items such as shoes at the band on stage. Much like the Bring Me The Horizon situation, as soon as the band realised what was happening, they jumped into the crowd separated the attackers from the people defending themselves and in the process lead singer Sean Smith was bitten on the arm by a lad who was causing trouble. If I were to go up to someone on the street and bite them, the police would be called on me, there’s no doubt about it. Yet, the next day the kids who were apart of this attack flooded The Blackout’s Facebook page with comments about the attack and mocked fans who stuck up for the band. They’d walked away scott free and were even boasting about the attack because nothing became of it once they’d left the venue.

Is this right? Should these people be allowed to leave the venue without even a visit from the police? The lack of respect these people show is a clear result of the lack of punishment enforced in live venues. Before these stories even spread far and wide, the bands are already blamed for the trouble. People say the bands should set a better example and not get involved or rise up to what these people are doing but surely we should be blaming the kids who go to shows just to start trouble? These kids go to gigs with clear intentions of causing trouble and attacking whoever they see fit, from band members to members of the audience yet nothing is really put in place to sort them out and get them convicted for these attacks. Something should be though. A ban from the venue? A fine? Community service? Arrest? I know it seems far-fetched for a couple of trouble makers at a gig but if you take the situation out of a venue and put it onto the streets and you instantly expect these people to get into trouble for what they did.

Basically, these attacks should be taken more seriously. People go to gigs to have a good time and bands play gigs because it is their passion and they’re now being ruined for both parties by people who don’t have any respect for anyone around them. Time after time I’ve seen massive fights break out and people attacked at gigs and time after time the people who cause the trouble walk away from the situation without getting into trouble. If they were arrested after these attacks you can bet they wouldn’t do it again, so maybe, that is exactly what is needed.


You Me At Six – Sinners Never Sleep.

You Me At Six seem to be a ‘Marmite’ band. On one side of the fence you have the ‘Sixers’ who have nothing but praise for the band and on the other, the rest of the world who offer endless criticism for this Surrey quintet. However, album number three ‘Sinners Never Sleep’ looks like the album to turn haters into lovers and make the biggest of fans prouder than ever. You Me At Six promised change within the tracks of this album and although songs like ‘This Is The First Thing’ still bare huge resemblances to previous albums, it seems they have in fact made change. Cameos from Oli Sykes (Bring Me The Horizon) and Winston McCall (Parkway Drive) bring a heavier, darker side to the band, one that hasn’t been heard before. Regardless of the fact the sound is more mature and polished than the bands last two offerings (Take Off Your Colours & Hold Me Down) they’re still very much the pop punk band they’ve always been and haven’t lived up to every fans fears of ‘selling out’. This album is their best work to date. The variety offered makes the album exciting and the change in tempo from track to track is something missing from pop punk and music in general right now. It’s obvious that You Me At Six have really taken risks making this album and with more hits than misses, their risk taking has paid off. The talents of this band have crescendoed over the years. That combined with the fact that You Me At Six have clearly worked themselves to the bone on this album makes ‘Sinners Never Sleep’ a worthwhile album and one every should at least check out.

Listen to: Bite My Tongue, Little Death.

For fans of: Paramore, Young Guns, Kids In Glass Houses.

Sinners Never Sleep can be purchased on Play.com, Itunes, Amazon and HMV.com

Nevermind Forever

So this week is the 20th anniversary of Nirvanas most notorious album Nevermind. This album was probably the most important in all of Nirvanas career as it really put the band and grunge as a genre on the map. It’s also one of the most widely influential albums of the last 50 years inspiring a whole generation of performers. In tribute to this album and it’s two decade long success Kerrang magazine put together a cover album called Nevermind Forever. It features some of the freshest faces in rock music right now including Deaf Havana, Kids In Glass Houses, Frank Turner and Rise To Remain. Doing a Nirvana song any justice is a tricky task, to say the least. Let’s see how these bands did.

1) Arcane Roots – Smells Like Teen Spirit

Arcane Roots have actually done a really job capturing the angst of smells like teen spirit without sounding like a really bad Nirvana rip off. With a voice reminiscent to Cobain, Andrew Groves and the rest of the bands cover is original and old school in equal amounts. Being the only unsigned band on this album, their cover is sure to send Arcane Roots down the right path and onto bigger things.  8/10

2) Framing Hanley – In Bloom

This band aren’t strangers to covers. Their version of ‘Lollypop‘ by Lil Wayne is probably one of their most successful works to date so the best is to be expected from this band. Honestly, It’s probably one of the less memorable covers on this album but that doesn’t mean they’ve done a bad job. Kenneth Nixon’s rough and ready voice compliments the melody well and it’s obvious that this band know what they’re doing. This being said, it’s not one of the songs that really stick out on this album and just comes across as ‘another cover song’. 6/10

3) Deaf Havana – Come As You Are

This cover just further proves why Deaf Havana are one of the best up and coming bands in the business right now. The band execute this song well and it’s done is such a way that pays perfect homage to Nirvana and their style. It also still bares Deaf Havanas unique sound meaning it’s just the right balance between tribute and originality. 8/10

4) Rise To Remain – Breed

Being one of the heavier bands on this album means Rise To Remain have the perfect opportunity to stand out here and show off their durability. Which isn’t really what they do at all. This cover starts off well, it’s beefy riffs and beats lead you to believe this is going to be a strong tribute but as soon as the vocals start the whole thing is diluted. Although Rise To Remain clearly have the talent, they don’t really have the right sound to cover Nirvana. 6/10

5) Francesqa – Lithium

Francesqa, although a good band, don’t have the most powerful sounds around at the moment. This actually works well with them here though. Lithium itself isn’t the heaviest of songs and Francesqas style compliments it well. Ashley Wilkies voice really sets the song off and after Rise  To Remains cover, brings this album back to life. 7/10

6) Young Guns – Polly

Young guns are definitely one of the most original bands around nowadays and this cover is no exception to that. This is probably one of the only covers on the album that really captures the genre of grunge really well. You’d be forgiven for believing Young Guns were a grunge band themselves. There really are no faults to this cover at all, which is to be expected of such a talented band. 8/10

7) The Dillinger Escape Plan – Territorial Pissings

The Dillinger Escape Plan sound like a band who have jumped in a time machine and time travelled forward about 25 years.  Because of this, they offer one of the most refreshing covers on the whole album. It’s completely different to anything else on here and Nirvana themselves but that it no way means they’ve ruined or tarnished this song. It’s fun and exciting and a proves that mathcore is very much still alive. 8/10

8 ) Kids In Glass Houses – Drain You

Kids In Glass Houses offer something completely new. Although Aled Phillips has a voice more suited for the light and upbeat sounds of pop punk, this doesn’t stop KIGH from producing an outstanding cover of Drain You. It’s one of the most original songs on this album as it, (although very obviously a cover of Drain You), sounds like a brand new song, like Nirvana if Cobain loved life. The bands use of rubber toys throughout the song propels this cover over the rest and puts it in a league of its own. 8/10

9) Evile – Lounge Act

There is nothing terrible to be said about this cover. It works well, it shows off Eviles obvious talents and is a cover even Cobain would be proud of. That said, it still doesn’t stand out. It’s perfectly constructed and it’s a song you could keep on repeat for hours but it just doesn’t offer anything new or different and after the previous two tracks, doesn’t really spark any excitement. 7/10

10) The Blackout – Stay Away

The Blackout do Stay Away justice here. Gavin Butlers voice works so well with this cover that a more naive mind would be fooled into believing that this was a song The Blackout had originally written and performed themselves. The raw talent of this band are made obvious on this track and, much like KIGH, have put their own spin on this cover instead of just trying to sound like Nirvana. 8/10

11)Frank Turner – On A Plain

Turners cover is so perfect it almost hurts. His folk sound works well with On A Plain to the point where he has reinvented the song and made it easy listening for all. Turners voice is strong and talent is laid bare within this cover. It’s simple but beautiful. It’s probably the best cover on this album. Well Done Frank, top of the class. 9/10

12) Spycatcher – Something In The Way

Spycatcher bring a certain quality to this cover that is hard to distinguish. It’s eerie, daunting, almost. Beautiful, though. Spycatcher clearly aren’t the most established band, by far, but they’ve proved here that they have the talent to go far. 7/10

13) Dangerous! – Endless, Nameless.

Dangerous! are by far the worst band on this album. Sounding like a cheap imitation of a million bands before them they just don’t live up to the rest of the bands on this CD. Their cover does the original no justice what so ever and with Endless, Nameless being one of Nirvanas best songs, this is where the album is let down. 4/10

14) We Are The Ocean – Sliver.

This track was a ‘bonus’ on this album and what a brilliant way to finish the album off. We Are The Ocean are one of those bands whose sound is adaptable and this shines through with this cover. It’s spot on from start to finish. It’s clean and well done but doesn’t discard the originals rough, grunge vibe. 8/10

The Blackout @ Merthyr Rock (5/9/2011)

Held at the heart of Merthyr Tydfil in Cyfarthfa Park, Merthyr Rock is a brand new festival for 2011. It’s holding host to a range of bands from established legends Funeral For A Friend to up and coming pop punk stars Save Your Breath. Regardless of who else is playing today, it is obvious that this festival belongs to local lads and headliners The Blackout. The crowd have high expectations for this bands set and they’re not left disappointed. From the get go the band have the whole audience hooked. From mass sing alongs of ‘woahs’ and ‘ohs’ to successfully getting everyone down on their knees half way through ‘Save ourselves’, it is obvious that tonight this crowd are at the mercy of The Blackout..and they love every minute of it.  The band is very obviously in a state of euphoria as they take to the stage. Last time they played their hometown they were told that nothing would ever come of  their band, yet here they are today sending thousands of kids into a frenzy as they belt out some of their greatest songs to date. Regardless of this obvious success, the band don’t let it get to their heads and still put on a rock show this audience will never forget.  It has to be said that The Blackout are well and truly made for live shows and tonight is no exception. From start to finish the band play with an infectious energy that presents itself throughout the whole band. Lead singers, Sean Smith and Gavin Butler are the perfect ring leaders and play off of each other in perfect sync as they engage the crowd in banter and inspiring speeches. As the bands set comes to an end, the crowd are left literally begging for more as they call for an encore that never comes. After a performance like that the headliners of Merthyr Rock 2012 have a hell of a lot to live up to.